Karin Connolly Photography

Fine Art Nature Photographer


Framed Inventory

This page contains some of the framed pieces that are usually shown at art festivals. The prices are the same too. The current inventory sizes, including the frame, are 40×60, 30×52, 23×51, 29×41. If you see an image that you want in a different size, it can be done. If there is an image in the galleries that you want in a larger size it can be created to your specifications.

These limited edition photos (250 total inclusive of all sizes) are in a wood frame with a silver finish. Each piece is vanished to protect them from water and UV light. They do not have glass on them but are protected like they do. The pieces are ready to hang and only need two hooks to hold them on a wall.

To order a piece please email me directly with any questions. If you are ready to purchase a Paypal invoice will be sent to you and you can pay with a credit or debit card. Enjoy!

Adrift at Sea 40×60 $1,800+shipping
Contemplation 40×60 $1,800 +shipping
Meditation 40×60 $1,800+shipping
Morning Flow 40×60 $1,800+shipping
Rhythm 40×60 $1800+shipping
Smooth Moves 40×60 $1,800+shipping
Lively 40X60 $1,800+shipping
Lost in Thought 40×60 $1,800+shipping
Sea Shift 40×60 $1,800+shipping
Fresh 30×52 $1,300+shipping
Jubilant 30×52 $1,300+shipping
Afternoon Delight 23×51 $1,100+shipping
Clarity 23×51 $1,100+shipping
Flicker 23×51 $1,100+shipping
Painterly 23×51 $1,100+shipping
Power 23×51 $1,100+shipping
Cool and Crisp 29×41 $825+shipping
Here Comes the Sun 29×41 $825+shipping